Enriching healthcare routine with top health-tech & fitness gadgets

Undoubtedly, a massive improvement in today’s quality of life and healthcare has been noticed at a very high level.

Undoubtedly, a massive improvement in today’s quality of life and healthcare has been noticed at a very high level.

Undoubtedly, a massive improvement in today’s quality of life and healthcare has been noticed at a very high level. Technology has penetrated almost every facet of our existence, and our health is no exception. We’re not just talking about the hi-tech equipment used in the hospitals to diagnose diseases and treat patients, but also about the creative boost in healthcare technology and gadgets. The reason why MedTech is on a rapid boost is that people are getting more invested in being fit and healthier. This investment of interest doubles with the youth since they are keen on choosing health and diet upright! With the millennials turning to the internet now and then to upgrade to the latest technology and gadgets, it is not a big surprise to know that they’re the main target audience of the MedTech industry.

While doctor’s appointments are limited and medicinal options aren’t always successful, to help you improve your well-being and choose the right gadgets from a ton of options available, we have come up with a list of health and fitness gadgets that are worth buying.

Best HealthCare and Fitness Gadgets in 2021

Omron HeartGuide: Omron smartwatch is a little unique and stands out from the rest with being the first smartwatch in the world to have an oscillometric blood pressure monitor. It helps you monitor your blood pressure on an accurate note. The band of the smartwatch is made up of synthetic materials which makes it flexible with its capability of inflating or deflating. Weighing at just 4.1 ounces, this gadget runs on a Lithium-Ion battery, has an LCD and many other relevant sensors. The best quality of this smartwatch is that it can monitor blood pressure during the night which can be a lot more telling in case of people suffering from hypertension. HeartGuide can also track heart rate, sleep quality, and the number of steps taken in a day. The ones who prefer to view their health stats on a bigger screen can use the app comes accompanied by the smartphone for both Android and iOS smartphones. You can grab this smart gadget for just $499 from the official Omron Healthcare website.

Verilux CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand: Though the name of the gadget is a little complex, it is quite straightforward to use. Verilux CleanWave Wand counts on UV-C light to kill 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, and mold living on hard surfaces. It helps you protect from tiny but dangerous pathogens such as E-Coli, H1N1, etc. The process is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is hold the device over the surface for 30-60 seconds and it gets safe to use. Being just 10 inches long and pretty slim, the wand is easy to carry. Another benefit of the CleanWave wand is it uses a chemical-free technique to clean the surface which makes it compatible with phone, laptop, tablet cleaning. The wand is nothing less of Harry Potter’s magic wand for the ones with a weak immune system. Every germaphobe should own this gadget as it is available is at a pocket price of $59.99.

⦁  Darma Pro: Apart from deteriorating their health with a lot of smoking and junk food intake, the millennials have one more thing to add to their unhealthy routine: sitting behind the desks for hours, which results in bad postures and severe back problems. Darma Pro is an interesting gadget which the world’s first cushion, that also features an app, to deliver a kick to your buttocks whenever it senses you slouching behind your computer. It is a cushion made of ventilated leather, and it sends you a notification if your posture is bad and vibrates you well reminding you of that. It has a long-lasting battery and comes with a USB charger. The power button’s LED signals the battery status. For this cushion to work, you need to weigh between 90 and 260 pounds.

⦁  Emotiv Insight: With the incredibly fast pace of life, we are inevitably lead to stress and stress-related issues and declining productivity. Emotive Insight is the gadget that tackles both. It is a piece of wearable tech that is designed to monitor your brain’s waves to create electroencephalograms which further creates data helpful to reduce stress levels and improve focus. This Android and iOS compatible device comes at a fair price of $299

⦁  Gatorade Gx Wearable Sweat Patch: This is one of the best fitness gadgets available that measures your fluid, sodium loss, and sweat rate while working out. It then sends you the stats over your smartphone with the GX app along with a guide on how you need to hydrate. The gadget sends personal deliverables. GX Sweat Patch is an easy way to assess fitness and health that is available at $24.99.

⦁  Muse 2 Meditation Headband: Meditation Headband is another wearable tech device that works amazingly by sending live feedback on your meditation practice. The feedback takes in your brain activity, breathing technique, body moments, and heart rate while meditating. The feedback will help you learn how to breathe properly to fight stress. Also, the headband will play weather sounds in response to your brain waves to represent your feelings. You can become more aware of your peace with the Muse 2 headband available at $249.99.  

⦁  Lumbar Decompression Belt: The Massager Lumbar Decompression belt treats lower back conditions such as sharp pain, spasms, and radiating pain. It is a safe alternative to surgery as it supports your weakened or torn muscles. It works by inflating and stretching your back. The lumbar belt escalates the nutrient-rich blood flow to affected areas relieving pain. You can buy it for $149.

Every gadget and innovation is different in its way. Apart from being well designed and feature-packed, these gadgets are genuinely a great help to improve your overall health and well-being.

Some of these can even help you prevent some serious diseases if used properly. From keeping you fit to being stress-free, focused, and healthy, these gadgets mentioned above check all the right boxes making even the most demanding of you guys crave to have them on your buying list.

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