Final touch up for iPhone with top accessories in 2021

How long has it been since you last upgraded your iPhone? A month or a two? A year?

How long has it been since you last upgraded your iPhone? A month or a two? A year?

How long has it been since you last upgraded your iPhone? A month or a two? A year? Whatever your time maybe, you’re never completely done with the iPhone upgrade until you give it a final touch-up with the best iPhone accessories in 2021. It’s quite conventional that Apple’s flagship products are powerful, but the recital of accessories available makes them even better.

Newer versions of iPhone like the iPhone 12 usher in the era of exciting and new accessories that promise to enhance the functionality of the add-ons in a way previous iPhones couldn’t.
We’ve pulled out a list of the top iPhone accessories that will help you snap your wallet to the back of your phone without giving it a bulky look and squeezing out every bit of entertainment and semblance from Apple’s beautifully designed handset.

Top iPhone Accessories to Maximize your Device Potential

Anker PowerCore Magnetic Wireless Charger: Anker’s PowerCore Magnetic Charger is one of the best buys for your iPhone device. Realizing the potential of a MagSafe charger, PowerCore Magnetic allows you to wirelessly attach a battery to your phone and charge it when needed. While you can easily stash it off when not needed. The only downside of the Power Magnetic Charger as compared to MagSafe is that it doesn’t charge at the max of 15W speed. Though considering zero virtual limits and the economic cost of just $39.99, quick charging speed can necessarily be a second priority. 

Tripod Mount for Photos and Videos Freaks: The camera quality of iPhones has improved drastically by impressive leaps and it can be used in professional capacities. Now that newer versions of the iPhone are more of a photo and video maker accessory, Moment Pro Tripod Mount (with MagSafe), attaches to your iPhone’s back using magnets. Its facility to add both a socket to screw in the tripod and a hot-shoe mount to add additional accessories, such as flash or microphone, makes it a perfect add-on accessory for your iPhone that too at an affordable price of $49.99. The ability to adjust the orientation to landscape or portrait, depending on the preference, acts as a cherry on the top!

Razer Kishi Gaming Controller for Pro Gamers: Newer versions of the iPhone stand strong with an A14 processor, setting high standards in terms of performance. This means, newer versions of the iPhone are a perfect fit for gaming. Though having a precise grip over controls while playing games like PUBG would call for a good controller. The modularly designed Razer Kishi Controller available at $84.99 lets you snap each half of the controller onto the ends of your iPhone, offering you dual analog sticks, and the complete buttons line-up needed to outlast the 99 others that are using the touch controls. 

TechMatte Screen Protector for the Clumsy Ones: When you spend over $1000 on a phone you’d wish to last it longer. Once you’re done protecting your phone with a case, you need a burly screen protector. TechMatte makes an excellent screen protector with tempered glass that is cheaper but offers solid quality. The protectors are just 0.3mm thick but are very strong. Your phone is strongly guarded against scratches and breakage with a surface hardness of 9H. Also, the surface is covered with an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprint smears on the screen. The package comes at $4.99, with 3 screen protectors, in case you mess up with one, an installation tray, wet wipes, dust removal stickers, and an installation guide.

Apple Clear Case, also for the clumsy ones: While covering up the vibrant design of your new iPhone is lame, it would be even lamer if you spend close to $1000 on something just to drop it the next day. For that reason alone, we have enlisted Apple’s Clear Cases, which are compatible with almost all MagSafe accessories and work with Qi wireless chargers and still let the shiny design of the iPhone shine through. Buy the safety of your iPhone’s design and fragile body at just $49.

PopSocket Grips for the Addicted Ones: Are you one of those who cannot let their phones off their hands? Then this accessory is for you! You need to buy a PopSocket Grip to end your struggle of holding your phone one-handed. These colorful and customizable pull-out sockets make your iPhone vibrant and cool! PopSocket grips are available in fun prints & designs, solid colors, and branded patterns. Most of these cost just $9.99, though there is an expensive range starting from $14.99 and so on. The only hard time the PopSockets can give is while unsticking them. 

Olloclip Camera Attachment for Professionals: Olloclip Camera attachments have been the best for so long because of their easy fit to each iPhone model and a series of lenses offered stretching from fish-eye to panorama and to all. The lens kits are the best for travelers and people who are crazy for iPhone photography. Olloclip has various sets to offer, including a filmer’s kit that gives you the Fisheye, Super-Wide, Macro 15x lenses, Telephoto 2x, and Ultra-Wide lenses; a 225° articulating mobile video grip, and a nice case to hold it all. The Olloclip Lens Kit extends its prices from $59.99 to $99.99.

Whoosh Cleaning Kit for Everyone: It always a little hard to break this to you all, but your expensive iPhone is filthy. But Whoosh’s cleaning kit is here for your rescue to safely clean your device. It cleanses your iPhone in a simple spray that kills germs without ruining your screen. The cleaning cloths leave no lint behind and your iPhone shines as it did the first time when took out of the box. The superb cleaning kit by Whoosh is available at just $9.99 and up.

Wrapping Up 

If you own an iPhone, you are spoiled with the choice of accessories you have to make the most of your fancy smartphone. There is an endless array of wireless chargers, memory expansion gizmo, lightning cables, and whatnot. The long list of accessories sometimes can be downright overwhelming. And this is why we summed up the most needed accessories for your iPhone to be safe, great looking, and to be able to offer you the best in terms of entertainment! Hope you liked this list of top accessories for your iPhone upgrade.

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