Social App Parler Returns to the Apple App store- All Changed

Parler, the social media platform once enclasped by former President Donald Trump and his followers, is set to return to Apple’s app store but with some changes truncated to Apple.

Parler, the social media platform once enclasped by former President Donald Trump and his followers, is set to return to Apple’s app store but with some changes truncated to Apple.

Parler, the social media platform once enclasped by former President Donald Trump and his followers, is set to return to Apple’s app store but with some changes truncated to Apple. After months of productive dialogue with Apple and hard work to address Apple’s concerns without compromising the core mission of the app, Parler made its comeback at the Apple store. Parler, which advertises itself as a free-speech alternative to Facebook or Twitter, was banned by Apple and Google and suspended by Amazon following the January 6th insurrection at the United States Capitol. The companies said Parler had failed to adequately handle violent threats and hateful content on its platform that fueled the riot. Addressing the issues of the company, Parler officials said that anything with a green signal on the Parler network but not in the iOS app will remain accessible through their web-based and Android versions. This is a clear victory for Parler, its users, and free speech.

Google Play Store’s ban on Parler persists, although users can still sideload the app on Android. Parler charged Amazon, which had provided the site’s web hosting, but so far the lawsuit has not done well in the court. Parler former CEO, John Matze, mentioned the struggle of Parler, post-January debar, to resurface on the web after being deceived by the company’s vendors and lawyers. Nonetheless, the app made an altered comeback for iOS devices. 

Apple users won’t see posts pinned down by Parler’s moderation system as “hate”. Although there’s a different standard for people who view Parler on other smartphones or the web they will be able to see posts marked as ‘hate,’ which includes racial slurs, by clicking through to view them. 

Did Parler’s Biased Speech Cause the Ban?

The company’s wobbly policies on content moderation attracted high-profile conservative media personalities such as Fox News host Sean Hannity, as well as supporters of Donald Trump, including some who have promoted groundless claims that the 2020 election was stolen, as other platforms were putting down on such kind of speech. Parler had also been taken in by people who were exiled by other huge social platforms, such as far-right talk-show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and supporters of the self-proclaimed “Western chauvinist” group, the Proud Boys.  

After being appointed as the new chief executive of Parler, prominent U.K. conservative, George Farmer marked the company’s latest steps to rebuild its business months after the U.S. Capitol riot. Parler reported having 20 million active users, up from 15 million users before going dark on the web. Given Parler’s return, the executives said that they have rebuilt the platform with new community guidelines that indicate it is “viewpoint neutral” and will not sanction people to use it as a tool for crime or unlawful acts.

Apple Rehabilitated Parler to App Store: Parler for iPhone

After thrashing Parler out of its app store in January, Apple said the social media platform had broken Apple’s rules against offensive content. The tech company later said in April that it would allow Parler to return to the app store after it works on and updates its content moderation processes.

⦁ Focusing spotlight on the hard work, the Parler team did, in addressing Apple’s concerns, Parler cheered on its victory after returning to the Apple store with moderations and “hate” content inaccessible to the iOS users. 
⦁ Parler’s chief policy officer and lead content moderator, Amy Peikoff, claimed to embrace the complete First Amendment portraying safeguarded freedom of expression and conscience. 
⦁ The App new amendment altered its algorithm to automatically detect violent or inciting content, while still preserving user privacy. Such content has always violated Parler’s guidelines and will now be marked as “hate” by the app. 

Does Parler Struggle to Comeback on Google and Amazon?

Earlier this year, the social media firm became a port for ideas and people, including former US President Donald Trump after he was banned from Twitter and Facebook which had been pulled out from similar social networking platforms.

⦁ But its full-blown freedom of speech policy and lack of moderation ultimately led Apple, Amazon, and Google to tear down the app in the wake of the deadly January 6 Capitol riot of Trump’s supporters.
⦁ Parler is still forbidden on Google.
⦁ Parler has also sued Amazon multiple times after it was exiled from Amazon’s application platform following the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Parler’s Fair Try for Improvement 

Executives’ addressing the Parler App controversy realized the need to moderate their hate speech approached Amazon’s AI tool “Rekognition” which is built in a way to read faces, objects, and scenes in images and videos. The tool is used for content moderation by some of its customers. While being rejected or suspended by Amazon, Parler managed to get its site back up by SkySilk hosting and hired Hive, an AI-based company that also works for Reddit, to police the content varied as annotate images, videos, or texts. 

Parler’s posts run through double-layer filters before being cited on the web. Content is first analyzed under Hive AI algorithms, of which 99.5 percent of the posts are considered safe, and the remaining 0.5 percent are flagged for Hive’s human moderators to evaluate.
Hive’s CEO reported having hired 1,000 moderators for Parler alone. Social Media moderation isn’t as easy as it may seem as even the efforts of bigger fishes like Facebook and Twitter fall short, but they put in a lot of money to address the problem when compared to Parler. 

The Bottom Line

After making necessary amendments, Parler expects to get a new life after returning to the Apple store and maybe a raw look from the people who are not part of a political base. Though Parler is in no rush to return to Google Play Store since the app can be side-loaded to Android devices through Parler’s site Google spokesperson says the company will consider the app after it successfully submits the updated version of the app for Google Play. 

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