Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta: Super Solid for iOS and Windows

Microsoft has outlined its intent to put forward Xbox Cloud Gaming, an Xbox streaming service, beyond Android devices.

Microsoft has outlined its intent to put forward Xbox Cloud Gaming, an Xbox streaming service, beyond Android devices.

Microsoft has outlined its intent to put forward Xbox Cloud Gaming, an Xbox streaming service, beyond Android devices. Microsoft originally meant to bring the service to iOS along with Android but the versions of Apple devices were limited to a single game preview. With Xbox Cloud Gaming, the firm has paved its way to access Xbox titles across many more devices. The first launch is closed in beta, accessible through an invite-only program but it intends to expand over time. Despite being beta closed, however arguably, that it’s the best cloud gaming service obtainable for us. At a mere price of $15 per month, you get an exclusive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, entitling you to a number of first and third-party games. You can download these games and stream them on an Android device other than Xbox Console or other gaming PCs. Now, you can also stream the Xbox Game tunes merrily to web browsers and iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, etc.

Microsoft rolls out Xbox Cloud Gaming for new devices through a web-based experience proposing learnings from its Android rollout, altered to iOS devices and Windows PCs. Microsoft’s Xbox latest iteration delivers broader availability through the browser, launching via a dedicated web page hosting over 100 games from the cloud-enabled library.

While Xbox Cloud Gaming came tidy to Apple Devices via a web app, bypassing the limitations imposed by the Apple App store, browser-based gaming still struggles to draw as much neatness. It supports popular browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari with embraced support for controllers or touchscreen input.

Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC

The good news for classic gamers is that you don’t need Xbox Cloud Gaming on Windows PC if you have a gaming rig. Since downloading Xbox games offer a better experience in several terms ranging from tweakable graphics settings to the ability to play them offline. You can stream Xbox first or third-party games to any computer using the lowliest to fanciest browsers.

How to join Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta on PC?

The process is as simple as A.B.C, you simply have to launch your browser then jump into After this, log in with your Microsoft account and, given that you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription and a beta invite, you can easily stream games as you would on your Android device. It offers the same menu category as Xbox: “Jump Back In”, “All Games” and so forth. There’s an additional option to browse by category.

Presently, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers 248 games in beta but that’s definitely not everything it has to offer. Playing games is similarly smooth if you have a PC game controller. You just have to download the game and wait for it to load up! While testing Xbox Cloud Gaming Titles on PC with Octopath Traveler, Yakuza 4, Gears of War 3, the experience was quite smooth without any lag or graphical glitches. But the seamless gaming experience came at a cost. With the images being grainy and discolored, I doubt the games ran at a resolution higher than 720p. The game didn’t slow down proving that Xbox Cloud Gaming nailed the gaming experience for Windows PC but they should focus on making it look prettier.

Xbox Cloud Gaming for iOS

The service is offered in Beta for iOS, it’s here where the streaming experiment trips. First off, there’s no dedicated Xbox Cloud Gaming App, unlike Android. You have to open the browser of your choice to visit the website and then create a web app shortcut to add to your home screen. It’s a bit of an unrequired hassle especially because the web app logs you out every few hours. It looks quite similar to its PC counterpart, once you get the web app running. While the icons are a little smaller in size, navigation still isn’t a bigger problem as compared to running games. With the same 3 games (as on PC) being tested on the iOS web app, the results came out strikingly different.

The iOS web app was slow to track my camera movement, losing the frames while running or turning making me hardly survive through a single firefight. The game even lagged and buffered at times making me wonder each time if my commands had gone through! I failed at even the simplest random encounters because of having wasted a few powerful techniques against enemies.

The gaming experience on iOS has been a little disappointing. Provided, having a brand-new iPad Air and consistent internet speed throughout, it’s hard to say if the issues were due to the web app or something on Microsoft’s end. Game Stream on a PC works much better while streaming to a dedicated Android App is far ahead of its iOS counterpart.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Vs Other Services

Xbox Cloud Gaming, despite not being the only option to stream big-budget games to your PC or Android/iOS device, has definitely surpassed the competition due to its widespread availability along with its facility to download the games on both Xbox consoles and PCs. With Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce, and PlayStation Now having offered similar functionalities, Xbox Cloud Gaming still has a larger way to go in terms of performance. In general Xbox Cloud Gaming offers primetime on PC and iOS- being a little closer to the former.

With Microsoft’s efforts to expand Xbox Cloud Gaming to Apple phones & tablets and Windows 10 PCs, it has figured out a way to bring the service to Apple users without actually having to get Apple’s approval first. Microsoft adds to your gaming experience by building out Game Pass’s games selection recently and notably adding Sony’s MLB The Show 21 and bringing back Grand Theft Auto V.

We hope this detailed article about Xbox Cloud Gaming reviews helped you choose between PC or iOS devices to polish your gaming adventure with the ultimate treasure of Xbox Games.

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